Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Beloved Witness for Christ to the End

I was researching in my archives when I came across this carbon copy of a letter written by the late Garnet Dearnley, from New Zealand. In it, he aptly described his experience in Miri here in those days. In delving deeper, I learnt more about him and actually came to the realisation that this European truly loved my old school, Saint Columba's School and its founding mission, the Anglican Church.

Sadly, the late Dearnley, a jolly lecturer at Tanjong Lobang College died at quite an early age in a fatal motor-cycle accident near where he is presently buried, in the oldest Christian graveyard in northern Borneo, between St. Columba's School and St. Columba's Kindergarten. His grave is closest to Abang Indeh Road with abundant yellow daffodils growing beside it and has the friendly handsome gent's pic, placed there by his son whom I met over a year ago.
Every day, as I bring my wife who works as the headmistress of St. Columba's kindergarten there, his face would be seen with a friendly grin.

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