Monday, April 23, 2007

Cunning Stalker Who Kills!

Ah... the monstrous dangerous calculating minds that many of us animals may have! Here are two pics of a stalker who kills. Is he in the pics at work? You be the judge.

Christopher Bernard Wilder, the circled guy in the pic is seen casually enjoying himself in the Seventeen magazine judging in Las Vegas on April 1 1984 while he was being pursuit by the FBI. A contestant, Michelle Korfman, 17, daughter of a casino manager, left with him and disappeared. 12 days later, Wilder was killed. On May 3, an 18-year old corpse, Sheryl Bonaventura was found. She was the fifth victim found and 3 other women are still missing.

In the the bottom pic, taken 2 years earlier in 1982, he is seen stalking another prey in the Miss Florida-USA

Contest. Elizabeth Kenyon, 23, then a University of Miami student, would lose his life to him. He lured his victims with promises of fame in Penthouse Magazine.

Pics and details are courtesy of Canadian Life Magazine, June 1984, Vol 7., No. 6.

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