Monday, April 30, 2007

Disasterous Monkey Business...

This is part of the front cover of The National Enquirer dated June 2, 1987.

It has a huge cover pic of a charismatic senator, Gary Hart and his beautiful companion, Donna Rice taken on board a luxurious yacht aptly called
The Monkey Business having fun and games out in the Bahamas. He was the happily married Democrat front-runner in the 1980s US presidential election and she was a single model who had dated a Who's Who string of celebrities from Bruce Willis to Don Johnson.

Following the release of these sensational pics-an act of betrayal by Rice's girlfriend- all hell broke lose for them!

It was indeed a thrill watching the whole drama unfold on cable TV and in the papers while I was in Canada. Hart, to his credit, always acted and sounded presidential- reminding me of all those b/w clips of the assassinated courageous great leader, John F. Kennedy- even when he knew it was all over for him in the presidential race.

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