Monday, April 16, 2007

Dramatic Spiderman!

I know, I know...I'm a wee past the age of believing in these guys but I'm thinking of the youths who may wander into my blog.

Don't we wanna be Spiderman, especially if we're small in society? Two personalities... bespectacled weak, square bookworm Peter who can become a powerful disguised superhero fighting for truth and justice in the world against all the baddies.

Just to let you young adults of legal age know I'm really open-minded about Spiderman and other topics...I hate wet blankets, kill-joys or whatever names we can have for some of these nincompoops in institutions, particularly the ones who are extremely sensitive, forever pretending to be high moralists! They're the hypocrites who say, "This is good-you can see, hear or read it; this is bad for you-you can't see, hear or read this."

So we should say: Right- it's just a kiss on television. So much ado about nothing... making a mountain out of a molehill... Everyone kisses, except the censors, of course, whose self- inhibitions, desperately requiring psychiatrists, are a curse for the general populace. They, and those who appoint them should be uninhibited, free-thinking modern progressive individuals.

Just limit the guidelines for ordinary media control to this: Absolutely no extreme sexual violence, no child pornography and no racism in any form and means. Everything else should be okay with ratings such as a PG for Parental Guidance as is done in the West. Maybe this will lessen the many cases of incest endemic to a particular race in certain Third World countries with ridiculously extreme censorship practices.

Looking at some of these censors, sooner or later, it's possible you may either see some, if not all of these moralistic people, or read about them in either the papers or biographies about them or autobiographies by them confessing about their lives as hypocrites-whoring, womanising, cheating, lying, stealing, killing, wife-beating ... worse than the ordinary get the general idea.

In truth, we're all hypocrites but some are just bigger ones than others in this world. Hmmmnnnnnn...this does seem like George Orwell's "All men are equal but some are more equal than others" theme...

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