Sunday, April 15, 2007

Max's Accurate US Prediction!

This article came out in another favorite Canadian paper of mine, the racy Edmonton Sunday Sun on October 23rd 1988. Max was right-the well-respected popular Gipper, Ronald
Reagan beat the death cycle and died out of office.

An update: The past US presidents who were elected in a year ending with a zero and lost their lives were:
1840- William Harrison; 1860-Abrahim Lincoln; 1880- James Abram Garfield; 1900- William McKinney; 1920-Waren G. Harding; 1940-Franklin Delano Roosevelt and lastly, 1940-John F. Kennedy.


Baron von Feldspar said...

The problem is that medical care for gunshot wounds has advanced. Reagan was shot, wounded and recovered.

With the same advance in medical technology there are now 10 GIs wounded for every 1 killed in Iraq. In the Vietnam war the wounded/killed ratio was 3/1.

Luke said...

Das ist ja komisch! Problem? I see your dark humor here... Du hast recht -medical science advances certainly saved his life. If it occurred 5 years earlier, I would think the whole episode could have been a major tragedy for the free world.

The ratios you provided are amazing. Fewer casualties due to medical advances despite the increasing lethality of weapons since the days of Napoleon! Weapons include the mind-boggling nuts aka
'suicide bombers'...