Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Killed by the Triads?

This news probably appeared circa 1992-3.

It's a shocking primitive method of eliminating someone but apparently, in true Hollywood- style, the act was carried out with deadly agonising results.

It does look chillingly like the work of organized crime and the reason or reasons may not be too hard to guess as the poor murdered innocent girl had a dad who was in charge of Hong Kong Immigration. In those days before China took over the island, it was rumored that the Immigration authorities there were as corrupted as those in some Third World countries. It could have been a deadly pay-back for certain past actions by certain Hong Kong Immigration Officers who did not honor the pact with the triads which observed sworn secret vows.

The triads, according to one source, were so professional (like the Italian Mafia) that they had strict rules or codes. Oaths were sworn by the members. There were 36 oaths, the number itself having a special significance in Chinese numerology. A gang member had to utter all 36 vows such as After entering the Hung Gates, I must treat the parents and relatives of my sworn brothers as mine own kin. I shall suffer death by five thunderbolts if I do not keep this oath; I shall assist my sworn brothers to bury their parents and brothers by offering financial support or physical assistance. I shall be killed by five thunderbolts if I pretend I have no knowledge of their troubles; When Hung brothers visit my house, I shall provide them with board and lodging. I shall be killed by myriads of knives if I treat them as strangers, etc. ...

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