Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Vaginal Act of Vanity or Love???

How tragically sad that this would happen to a lady...

Was it an act of vanity on the part of Yoke Lin or an act of love? The Malay Mail's front page headlines seemed rather harsh in its judgement to me, in crying out the op as 'a vanity op'. Wouldn't you think she did it to please her lucky man??? ...I'm sure there were feminists who were outraged when they read this article! The irony is that the late Malay Mail has the interesting slogan The Paper that Cares.

Don't get me wrong: I used to love the paper. The Malay Mail was one of the most exciting papers ever to be found in Malaysia and could be considered as a bit racier than many other papers by Asian standards. .The paper, for whatever reasons, would often push the envelope ...just as the popular Star presently often does though it maintains its pro-government stand like the Malay Mail used to.

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