Friday, June 22, 2007

Aussie Justice's View on Lina Joy Verdict

G'day, mates! The latest opinion piece in the Brisbane Times by a New South Wales Supreme Court Judge, David Hodgson regarding the Lina Joy case shows the concern of one of our many Aussie mates down-under.

I also wish to add that I'm so impressed with the objectivity of his opinion. I would truly be a jolly swag man and not just be an orang utan if I ever have a just judge like him in my jungle kingdom here.

Malaysia's shackles on religious freedom

David Hodgson | June 22, 2007

Can Islam be compatible with religious freedom? I certainly hope so, but doubts are raised by a decision of Malaysia's highest court, given a month ago. Lina Joy is a 43-year-old Malay woman who became a Christian some years ago and wished to marry a Christian man.

To read more, please click this link, go to Brisbane Times' "Opinions" and read David Hodgson's piece

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