Thursday, June 28, 2007

DAY 8: Haunting Voices

Mr. Abdul Razak Baginda is powerful person. He does have money. He have connection in police, in government.... Mr. Razak Baginda promise to help me
when I was in Mongolia. That's why I came to see him and for help but he trying to kill me. Maybe I did mistake to bother him and to blackmail him, but he didn't promise to me I would never come from far away to Malaysia. Only reason I'm here is asking help from Mr. Razak.
-Altantuya, in her letter (Read it yourself-Click to enlarge it) before her murder.
(Ivy Sam, AFP, 28/6/07)

Altantuya was always there with him (in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore) ... They looked like boyfriend and girlfriend.
-Burmaa ('Amy') Oyunchimey
(Soon Li Tsin, Malaysiakini, 28/6/07)

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