Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Eleventh hour
CONGRATULATIONS to our dear Prime Minister, Malaysia's super man, Pak Lah and Jeanna Abdullah on their coming wedding this Saturday!
A wedding wish for you:
"A wedding is a time filled with hope and promise that begins a life filled with love. May each day of your new life together find you more and more in love".
The pic above is courtesy of TIME Magazine, February 15, 1993.

By coincidence , a night before Wednesday June 6th Pak Lah's confirmation, I came across an old packet of 6 wedding cards and it came to my mind the 6-letter nickname for our PM Abdullah Badawi is 'Pak Lah'.

Here are pics from Superman's and Lois Lane's SURPRISE special wedding which I had planned to display in my blog for quite sometime. The sweetest moment was really splashed big onto two pages which could be unfolded.

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