Tuesday, June 5, 2007

International Ghost (6)

You know, I've always dreamt of being in merry ole England since I was a kid. At the age of 6 it would have been just to see some tall buildings like Big Ben (You keep hearing the BBC playing its loud chimes), the Tower of London (tales of head- chopping) and Buckingham Palace and also to watch those smartly reddish-dressed parade soldiers with their unusual 'bamboo hedge' tall hats changing guard at the palace (I had been given a slide viewer which was viewed by peering with both eyes into a binocular-like apparatus and my favorite was the London round slides series).

But now, as I get older, the thrills sought by those of my age tend to change and we progress to other more unusual exciting attractions. Well, sex is certainly one amonst many others... the supernatural would be another!

So England with all her many historical places and fascinating though often bloody history would be a hell of a place to spend my vacation in!

In the pic above, which I accidentally stumbled upon in y possession, it purportedly shows the Brown Lady Raynham hall in Norfolk. It was photographed and caught on film as well so it seems that ghosts do exist in that country.

Now if we Malaysians have a big fear of the supernatural, we may think twice before being irresponsible by doing things in the dark like fooling around in dangerous isolated forested areas, having late nights, going out with strangers, doing things in graveyards like grave-robbing (The jury's out if the Indons are responsible), taking drugs and so forth.

Hell, some may even reconsider committing heinous crimes like the unnecessary senseless murder of the Mongolian beauty, Altantuya ...

Come to think of it, if there are scary spirits out there who have been wronged , I would hope they find justice and that the guilty perpetrators of murderous crimes be haunted by them for the inhumanity of their actions and the consequential pain and suffering of shattered lives left behind.

Ah...back to England...Perhaps, England still has so many supernatural entities because of its long rich illustrious history... and Malaysia has a shorter one. Even now it maybe has successfully exorcised this land of some of these entities by official decree such as the ban on more terrifying horror books and exhibitions of the supernatural... So fellow Malaysians, let's just go to England for some ghosts!

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