Saturday, June 2, 2007

Make Money Converting Natives!

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The desperation by dubious means by some Islamic zealots to convert others to Islam has never failed to amaze me. From bribery to non-muslims with offers of timber concession land in Sarawak by some in the past to the latest devilish incentives by the opposition PAS government, I need hardly imagine the zealots' other unscrupulous devious methods. I have heard about other unethical methods that they use which are not publicised publicly.

The Bernama report is found in The Borneo Post dated 29/6/06.

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Baron von Feldspar said...

I have seen other stories about Islamic Missionary "zeal" backed by legal sanction especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. When conversion can only go one way because of societial or legal pressures. Elsewhere poeple have moved because of the conversion experience from Christianity to Judaism, Sammy Davis jr and Judaism to Buddhism, Leonard Cohen. But it takes more bravery than most to convert away from islam than few other faiths.