Friday, June 15, 2007

A Tribute to Courage Pics (A)

This tribute is dedicated to the brave men of the Sarawak Rangers (Later a.k.a. Sarawak Police Field Force) and their trainers, the dedicated men of the British Special Air Services (SAS), one of the world's best and famous elite clandestine fighting forces.

I remember the heroes from the families of the Manjings, Nicholas, Bujangs, Bijans, Andrews, Greenmasons, Bonifaces, Mais, Chabus, Jabus, Palengs, Donalds, Terangs, Ritihs and many others including, at a later stage, some other very, very few Chinese and Malays. Overwhelmingly, the majority of the Dayaks were good, decent Christians. A few of them remained as animists.

Below left: An SAS corporal in the war against Indonesian infiltrators in Borneo. Remember, as usual, to click to enlarge this and other pics. If you wish to have any of my pics, please support my blog by purchasing them in the links provided all over this blog.

Interestingly, while the SAS and the Rangers were equipped with American M16s, they were supplied with American Armalite rifles when they infiltrated the enemy lines with quiet official approval. In Indonesian territory, obviously, they had to disguise themselves with no identification, dog tags or anything which looked British. Sometimes their penetration into the Indonesian territory went over 20 km into the land. These
Claret operations were reconnaissance patrols to watch known tracks and rivers and monitor troop movements. Contact with the enemy was to be avoided at all cost and when captured, a map-reading error was to be the excuse.

Other pics show the early SAS boarding a plane for a parachute drop into the Malayan jungle in their fight against communist militants. Also shown is the appearance of an SAS trooper and his standard issued wear and weaponry.

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