Friday, June 1, 2007

When UMNO Controls Sabah ...

The following is a report from Sabah's Daily Express News:

Rights of Sabahans allowed to erode, claims ex-Minister

Keningau: Veteran politician and former State Finance Minister Datuk Haji Mohd Noor Mansor claimed it was time for the people of Sabah to change the course of the State's administration towards forging better future prospects.

Mohd Noor further claimed that the people had the power to correct the "wrongs" under the current administration.

"The Sabah Government can no longer defend the people's rights.

"The rights of the people and powers of the State Government had been gradually allowed to erode under the monopoly of outsiders," he said, adding that even Sabah Bank and Sabah Development Bank, which had been set up by the Berjaya Government, were sold off to "outsiders".

Addressing a dialogue in Keningau, Wednesday, he said it was time for him to come out of seclusion in the bid to restore the people's rights and powers of the State Government through Barisan Rakyat Sabah (BRS).

Mohd Noor, who was Finance Minister during the Berjaya Government, hoped to play a prominent role in making such "transition" with the formation of the BRS Government in the next State election.

In this respect, BRS would contest all 60 State and 25 Parliamentary seats in the next general election in the hope that the people would make a wise choice if they aspire to have their "rights" restored.

He pointed out that he could no longer stay in seclusion and look at issues and happenings depriving the Sabahans of their rights "as though they are illegal immigrants in their own land".

On land issues, he claimed that the people were no longer entertained in their application for lands, only to be given to "outsiders", while the Sabah Land Development Board (SLDB) had its role greatly reduced.

He further claimed that the Sabah Rubber Industry Board would suffer a similar fate by being gradually scrapped.

Mohd Noor also alleged that most of the business activities were monopolised by the "outsiders", who also enjoyed being accorded Government contracts controlled by Kuala Lumpur, leaving the local contractors with hardly anything.

Furthermore, the Sabah Education Department had no say in resolving the problem of teacher shortage in the State, without prior permission from Kuala Lumpur.

He expressed optimism that BRS could turn the tables in favour of Sabahans. For such aspiration, the people themselves could change the future of the State through the ballot box, he added.

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Anonymous said...

i found this topic u blogging very misleading. look how sabahan live b4 the m'sia ruling party takeover the sabah political scene. sabah now are growing a lot faster than sarawak even though they are so far behind before this. about the education thingy, even sarawak do not ave any say in education as it was control by the federal government. the land issue in sarawak is not better than in sabah even though the sarawak government is controlling it.