Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just Stories...

SINGAPORE! I've been to that squeaky clean island paradise about five times, the last visit in 1988 while on a transit flight flying Singapore International Airlines (SIA) to Canada.

I really love the progressive state and its friendly citizens. Maybe it's because I'm not fond of chaotic situations, having spent so much of my life either wearing a badge or heading an association or club.

Above is a really old pic of a Singapore National Day parade taken in 1974 while I was en route by sea to Johore for the International Scout Jamboree.

I haven't the foggiest idea what type of amour carriers Singapore now has ... whatever type it is, I'm sure it's more advanced than what is shown here!

By the way, if anyone in Singapore happens to know a certain pleasant nice guy, Laurence Tan, an alumnus of Singapore's St. Andrew's School and having the address 2-B, Block 91, Lorong 3, Toa Payoh, please let me know how to get in touch with him or ask him to contact me. We became good buddies after attending the 10th Interact District 330 Conference in Penang 's Science University. We corresponded with each other for over 5 years before losing contact.

I did get to stay in the home of relatives of a member of my former school's Interact Club contingent to the Interact Conference in Penang and one thing I can say about Singapore for sure is that it's a nation that would frown on such poor unneighborly action or sculpture as that which is exposed here... the story is both neighbors didn't get along so one decided to make a dramatic provocative bushy sculpture ... Yeah, as they say, a simple picture-or act- tells a thousand stories...

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