Saturday, July 7, 2007

Portuguese Special Forces Chain of Command

The military forces of Portugal, known as the GNR (Republican Guard) is controlled by the Defence Ministry which defines its operational doctrine and takes care of its needs in armament, equipment, etc. In times of war or serious crisis, the GNR is placed under the orders of the four-star general commanding the armed forces.

As can be seen (Please click chart to enlarge it), the most elite Special Operational Force, POE, is in the bottom chain of command. No action that is carried out by the force's operatives is carried out without the approval by the Defence Ministry. POE is also entrusted with the heavy duty of protecting VIPs such as the British Prime Minister on his visit to Portugal in 1994. POE had also being used by the Immigration Services to expel most violent illegal immigrants indulging in criminal activities.

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