Friday, July 6, 2007

The Wise Heavenly Judge would say...

You, the inhumane hypocrites who decide on the faith of a person and put her to the extreme cruelty of separation from her legal spouse and child, you have made a mockery of the undeniable human rights of all civilized people in this world through your barbaric stone age actions; you have not respected the universal declaration of human rights of which secular multi-racial Malaysia is a signatory to. Moreover, you have dishonored both God and Humankind by attempting the satanic sin of playing God by your false cowardly deceitful behavior in having her kept under your torture and imprisonment in a so-called rehabilitation camp for six long months and her legal husband was not even permitted to be with her.

I note you have persisted in your persecution of this poor woman and even today, you have the impertinence to force her to stay apart from her legal husband and the once happy family is still separated by you unloving non-compassionate evil-doers.

I also note that she has remained strong in her Hindu faith.

I therefore sentence you to purgatory. May your unrepentant souls rest in peace for all the pain and suffering you caused Revathi and all human beings who do not believe in your religion.

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