Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Tribute to the King

That's Elvis Presley, I'm talking about. Like many others in those old days we loved this guy and the unique style of his whenever he crooned or belted sentimental, romantic or hot songs ... Here are Malaysia's popular cartoonist Lat's drawings of the amazing influence of this popular great singer back in the 1970s... Indeed, there was a time, especially in the 1960s and 1970s when all optimistic Malaysians looked to the future with great hopes and dreams...We gave and took from each other. Religious extremism didn't rudely intrude into our lives...No one waved racist banners and krises (knives) to gain popularity and votes in a political party and to further their political ambitions. No one talked of an Islamic state. Everyone knew Malaysia has been and still is a secular state, politically speaking. PERIOD. By the way, to all you politicians and politicians-wannabes out there, please grow up and stop using the May 13 incident, religion or other races as the horrible boogeyman to gain political support from gullible souls in your ungodly lust for power at the political top. Don't let the rest of Malaysia and the world keep laughing at your comical childish antics and foolishness. Relax and just enjoy Gulliver's Travels.

Please click on the cartoons to enlarge the pictures. I'm also including a video of one of his most memorable performances in 1973, four years before he sadly passed on... Rest in Peace in God's heavenly mansion above, Elvis! God's truth is forever marching on...

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