Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day, Sarawak!


Happy 44th Independence Day, Fair Land Sarawak!

"Tens of thousands yet unborn
Will bless the name of Brooke."
-From Old Sarawak State Anthem

On the 16th September, 1963, resource-rich Sarawak, together with the resource-rich lands of Sabah, Malaya and Singapore came together to give birth to a new nation called MALAYSIA following the Cobbold Commission which indicated 1/3 of Sarawakians fully supported the idea of a federation. It would be like the United States of America in some ways with almost a similar-looking Malaysian flag and an anthem which had the beautiful tune of a popular Hawaiian song, 'Mamula Moon'. It would be Canadian in another way with special rights such as those in French-speaking Quebec. These special rights were agreed upon by all the signatories to the agreements that had been agreed upon, one of which was complete autonomy and control in immigration matters by Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore.

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