Sunday, September 16, 2007

Merdaka Wishing

One of my Merdeka wishes sometime ago stated in my blog was that some famous politicians would show their sincerity in their character change by doing certain things. My wish for Tun Mahathir was that he would shave his head, a highly unlikely action... but it seems that his son's action would be the closest one could get to seeing the real thing happening to him! This pic of Mokhzani Mahathir is taken from Mahathir's daughter's blog.

On the topic of Pak Lah's great Malaysian predecessor, I like the guy and think he did a lot of amazing stuff for the nation such as building those high iconic towers in KL, etc.

I prefer not to mention big Putra Jaya because I am told he had not made it into a multi-religious city with non-Islamic worship facilities.

I also prefer to overlook certain distracting actions: his government's executive attack on the judiciary resulting in the sacking of the Lord President; the sacking of his DPM; the amendments to the constititutional clauses with regard to the powers of the monarchy and on Islamic jurisdiction and last but not least, the excessive Operation Lallang which caused pain and misery to those persons, including family members, affected by the loss of their basic civil liberties.

I always thought he could be one of the greatest world leaders, despite all those actions and his typical tough talk and harsh criticisms of anything under the sun. Here was the forceful (I think the term 'bullying' is too harsh) leader who could be the next Ghandi or Mandela: uniting our people in a fair way, perhaps even removing the unsuccessful NEP with all its abuses and special exclusive elitist beneficiaries; ensuring meritocracy would be woven into our society's fabric so that there would be little teasing, less mockery about unfair educational opportunities, benefits and free hand-outs to a special segment of our society.

The end result of all the Ghandi and Mandela-like actions would surely be the birth of a new Malaysian spirit that takes pride in a truly multi-cultural society that will share in the diversity of our races and creeds. In accepting various creeds, no religion will be allowed to force another to follow it and no religion will also be allowed to prevent others from leaving it.

There can always be wishes and dreams... but the visions are the ones that I wish our leaders will have and achieve them in fairness and justice. May they do so legally under our just and fair constitution and not undermine it. Merdeka would be a hollow word if the nation goes to the dogs, so to speak and we end up as a nation with more and more loss of civil liberties and miserable Fourth World conditions.

Having said all these, I don't believe Mokhzani was reacting to my challenge anyway but it's a nice thought to think that who knows, our Cosmic Joker above made it all possible... indirectly and it is a sign that our ex-tough master statesman, is really a changed man.... A man who now believes in true justice for all regardless of status and the full liberty of all Malaysians (You got it, Rousseau's "Man is born free" and all that idealistic noble stuff) .... I wish he would retract his words about Malaysia being an Islamic state... I wish ... I wish... Here I go again with so many never-ending wishes on this special day!

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