Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Forgotten Non-Asian WWII Sex Slaves

One of the most astonishing discoveries any historian can find in cyberspace is news that the general public will seldom find in the mainstream press.

Imagine my amazement to find out that a guilt-ridden Japanese apologist, Tomiichi Murayama, has a blog with a digital museum embossed with the title "The Comfort Women Issue and the Asian Women Fund" dedicated to all women who were forced to be sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army, sexually satisfying the lusts of many Jap soldiers daily.

I was even more surprised that whereas Asians were making hell to pay over the slave issue, European women were also used as "comfort women" and they have remained silent to this day, thus very few realise the burning sensitive sex enslavement issue isn't one that is confined to Asian women.

Here is the documented evidence as found in the website:
Go to "European Sex Slaves"

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