Thursday, October 4, 2007

The New Face of the Enemy

My good men, are you prepared for an army of ... charming female soldiers??? You're going to break out in profuse sweating .... Your hearts will be thumping like hell and your watering open mouths would be drooling!!! In the next conventional war, if there is ever one again (considering the Free World is already presently waging a bitter one against militant Islamists in the Middle East) could highly likely see more females joining in the dirty bloody fray... So just take a look at how cool these amazons look! Notice their high heels....hmmmnnnnn....Could you fire off a shot at any of these beauties in combat? Maybe shoot them by selecting the worst looking or less sexy one first? (My word! Aren't humans sexist?!).

1 comment:

Big Cannon said...

Men! Shoot the right gun!