Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Unsolved Mystery 10: Nipple-cutting Freak

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It's only fair that I share some ugly stuff about Miri to be fair to everybody since I've been dishing out dirt about so many other places and countries!

Here's a not too long ago story which shocked Mirians. It's such a disturbing report that also seems so extraordinary that I have to share it with all of you.

It does remind me of a notorious serial killer in the States who did these outrageous nipple-cuttings on women before his final acts of killing quite a lot of them. The book regarding this sickening case is somewhere in my library but it does require time to dig it out and when I've found it, I'll talk about it with you if you're that interested in this matter!

The above-pictured news report appeared in the Borneo Post dated 8/1/07 and 9/1/07.

Men who commit such heinous acts on innocent women such as that which is reported above are so disgusting and revolting to society. Naturally, the perverts need psychological care in institutions to check and adjust and thus stabilise their mental faculties.

My empathy goes out to this woman.

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