Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Old Favorite Hit

Here's one that human mummies and daddies grew up with ... I loved The Seekers' songs so much that I eventually found and purchased their original cassette (No cds then) overseas in the 1980s.

It's a song that's just as meaningful as ever to all citizens of the world who cherish humanity. Personally, my favorite is The Carnival is Over amongst many others such as Georgy Girl, Morning Town Ride and Turn! Turn! Turn!. Listen to them-you'll love this Aussie folk group.

This song is also dedicated to ex-Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim as he arrives at his next station in his political life at High Noon on Thursday. What he will do on that day is anyone's guess.... Whatever we may think of him and his past political errors while in the government (Such as cordoning ISA, etc.), here is obviously a guy with guts, balls or whatever. Though I am not in his party, I have full empathy for the guy in his quest for justice. What he decides to do when the hour arrives will nevertheless reinforce our respect for this repented statesman of epic proportions.

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