Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tanjong Lobang Again!

Have you any sweet memories of Tanjong Lobang? Beautiful long beach... small pools of water everywhere... stout and tall Casuarinas waving in the cool fresh sea breeze... seagulls flying in the air happily... rocks and pebbles everywhere along the seashore...

Remember those days when you could just take a stroll along the sunny beach and wander aimlessly around all these mighty tall stubs of parts of the cliff (I believe there's a geological term for these so keep your fingers crossed while I do some updating later) which have been eroded over the years...

Sadly, I was told by a number of persons that this part of Tanjong Lobang beach is now inaccessible to the public as a huge 'castle' belonging to a prominent tycoon has been built on part of the cliff. I hope it's not true as all beaches used to belong to everyone. Recently, the ruling coalition party's elected parliamentary representative for Miri, Peter Chin Fah Kui, has just declared that no private individuals can own the people's beaches.

Okay, one of these days I'll check it out!

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