Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unkindest Speech Award

The Most Unkindest Speech Award of all time must surely go to Member of Parliament, Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin, the Barisan National Representative of Jerai for claiming God had a punishing hand in a disabled person's condition, in a recent parliamentary sitting debate in Malaysia to a wheelchair bound highly respected Opposition member of parliament, Democratic Action Party's Karpal Singh.

For the unjustified uncalled for cheap shots he made at Karpal, here are some citations:

This is an account from Jeff Ooi of Screenshots:
Earlier, touching on the subject of manners, Karpal irked Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) when he remarked that there was little hope of seeing courtesy and good manners in the house. "The Jerai MP is notorious for using foul language. The Kinabatangan member (Datuk Bung Moktar Radin) is no better," he said, referring to a foul word uttered by Badruddin during a sitting. An angry Badruddin shouted back at Karpal. You are no better. Calling us (BN MPs) animals… you insult people. Now you are sitting in a wheel chair. God has punished you.

This is the citation from Malaysiakini:
On Monday, during the Supply Bill 2008 debate, Karpal said many MPs were not well behaved in Parliament and that would be a problem if they were not penalised for their unruly behaviour.

Citing examples, he referred to Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) who uttered the word bocor to Fong and Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai), who used a foul word in a sitting not so long ago.

An angry Badruddin then rose and said that Karpal has also uttered words like "animal", "cow" and "stupid" in the Dewan Rakyat.

"I used the foul word because I was defending my race and country. You were attacking my race and that's why God has taught you a good lesson by putting you in a wheelchair," said Badruddin.

"How many times have you been suspended? How many times were you told to leave the Dewan? I haven't been suspended even for once and I was never told to leave," he said.

"You are a veteran politician who has got no discipline. Even now, when you're dependent on a wheelchair, you're talking so much."

Badrudin Amiruldin

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