Thursday, November 22, 2007

How Embarrassing!

Come on- guys, you're at the world stage representing a great nation with abundant wealth and smart citizens, honorably defending a claim, with or without merits over an island close to Malaysia...

Did I say "honorably"? I'll retract that word if you guys act so amateurish, just to shore up Malaysia's case, as to use an anonymous blogger's posted photograph of what Malaysia calls Pulau Batu Puteh (Singapore calls it Pedra Branca), claiming the close proximity of it to Johore...and the facts are that the anonymous blog was hosted 4 days before the International Court hearings; the photo was taken with a telephoto lens and the writings in the blog was plagarized from Wilkipedia!

To rub salt to our wounded pride as Malaysian patriots, the Malaysian government in the recent past has been berating Malaysian bloggers and telling its somewhat gullible citizens and the news media not to trust bloggers; not to print or believe what is being posted, calling bloggers names like monkeys, et cetra, et cetra...

Talk about being two-faced in relying on an anonymous blogger's work!

Will anyone be honorable enough to stand up and apologise to everyone in Malaysia for this obvious act of self-destruction of credibility?

So why don't we look at the evidence of incredulous blundering? The pics are courtesy of Simply Jean's blog. I owe you an apology for borrowing these pics without your permission, Jean.

Malaysian evidence above
Singaporean evidence below taken with normal lens
For more on this blundering evidence...

Go to "Malaysia's Claim"

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