Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Amazing Story

That's the title I could think of when I read about the dazzled pilot who crashed his plane, miraculously finding himself alive, sitting in the pilot's seat on a busy highway in Florida.

I intended to post this pic and story sometime ago but somehow never got to do it.

For now, the evidence that the story is true is in this pic.

It does make me recall the adrenaline-driven care-free fun of piloting a Cessna as a trainee pilot and how thrilling it was to be able to fly way high up in the crispy cold air during early Spring in North America when I could see patches of melting snow on lakes all over the light brownish prairies below...

Here's how I look piloting the Cessna...and Just look at how the wide open beautiful prairies appear from the air in early Autumn!

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