Thursday, December 6, 2007

Avoiding Military Service Plea

The following letter was received from Eddy. Thanks, buddy ... for sharing it with us.


This is a translation of a letter sent by a young Croatian man to the Croatian Minister of Defence to avoid military service. An extraordinary piece of reasoning, worthy of attention of anyone interested in logic and related matters.

Dear Minister of Defence,

Please allow me to explain my situation in a hope that you will be able to resolve my case.

I am expecting to get the call to serve in the Croatian Army. I am 23 and I married a 47 year old widow who has a 26 year old daughter. Her
daughter subsequently married my father. By marrying my wife's daughter, my father became my son-in-law. In the same time, my wife is
a mother-in-law of my father, and her daughter is now also my step-mother.

In September my wife and I had a son. Clearly this child is a brother of my father's wife, and thus a brother-in-law of my father. In the same
time, my son is also my uncle because he is a brother of my step-mother.

In October my father's wife had a son as well. This child is now also my
brother because he is a son of my father. But I am the step-father of my wife's daughter and also a brother of her son whose father is also my
father. Thus, my father's son is also my step-grand son because he is a son of my wife's daughter. Consequently, I am a brother of my own
step-grandson, so I am also my own step-grandfather. However,according to the law, not more then two consecutive generations of
fathers and sons (grand-father, father, son) can be called for military duty simultaneously, so I should be relieved from the military duty.

Thank you for your understanding.

The reply of the Croatian Ministry of Defence was sent only two weeks later, and it read:

The applicant is permanently relieved from the military duty due to possible mental problems and mental instability caused by the chaotic
situation within his family.

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