Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Best Bigot Awards


I was just preparing The Best Bigot Awards for the two Members of Parliament Syed Hood Syed Edros, M.P. for Parit Sulong (left) and Mohammad Aziz, M.P. for Sri Gading (right)who raised the sensitive religious issue in parliament recently of the placement of crucifixes in mission schools and the influence of the Church. However, it seems that sometimes the evil that men do will have a positive outcome.

The defacto law minister Nazri has denounced the matter of touching the issue following, justifiably, the public outcry over the cheap remarks by the two ignorant parliamentarians.

This brings up the question as to who is responsible for what is happening in the mission schools these days.

It has now come to Malaysians' attention that there are some fishy things going on quietly in the mission schools in West Malaysia such as the enforced decision to get them to remove these symbols.

Interestingly, there is a growing placement of Malay students in mission schools, even in East Malaysia. Many other non-Malays attempt to unsuccessfully enroll to study in these schools as well. Yet, despite this complimentary-perhaps- fact, Malaysian mission schools with the grace of Christ still produce outstanding results, despite the attractions or as some see it, enticements to other special institutions of some of the brightest students by the government...

So after years of Merdeka (Independence) and tolerance of many people and many things... today, the world will see that there are bigots in Malaysian society who are increasingly stripping the values of the Rukun Negara (Constitutional Beliefs) away.

If the Ministry of Education is implicated it must explain itself. If the Minister himself is implicated, as a gentleman, do something truly honorable for once. Maybe he ought to apologise or even resign.

If the ministry doesn't explain itself satisfactorily, it will prove to many that there is a sinister conspiratorial clandestine motive in whatever the government is doing these days in advancing an Islamic agenda in Malaysian society. It will only be seen as undermining the peaceful religions of others.

In fact, it can be so obviously blatantly seen and heard over the airwaves with breaking round the clock religious messages to everyone, particularly youngsters who listen to the radio for modern music and news . It has never been like this in the past since Independence, and yet slowly but surely, there are attempts to brainwash other Malaysians by questionable subtle means.

It is therefore possible that a positive outcome will be the result of the opening of the mini Malaysian Pandora's box by some UMNO bigots.

I hopefully pray so.

Come to think of it, I won't award them the awards of bigotry because they have galvanised Malaysians to speak out. Indeed, it has gotten many Malaysians to speak out, more than some of the elected representatives who lack guts. Just read the comments in the hugely popular Zorro Unmasked blog. It's increasingly more of a reason for me to cast my vote for the Opposition in the coming election.

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