Friday, December 7, 2007

Friends-Enemies-Friends Again

I had some time to spare recently so I decided to navigate through the many amazing blogs in this mighty Blogosphere. .. and one of the results is the discovery of how politicians, for better or worse, can easily be swayed to change in their opinions under certain circumstances.

It is to be remembered, when you look at these pics is that Rafidah Aziz, Malaysia's outspoken Trade and Industry Department, was at that time embroiled in the AP trade license hanky-panky scandal.

She, as seen shedding tears in the pics, was accused of being responsible for how the awarding of the lucrative contracts were handed to certain individuals.

One of her chief critics was the outspoken former premier, Dr. Mahathir.

In any case, no one no one fell from grace in the hot Bollywood episode in Malaysian history.

So what's the next bit of juicy news of the happenings in Miri these days?

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