Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Great MissTourism Show

It was an impressive show put up by Alaric Productions in Miri on Wednesday 28th November. The indoor stadium was jam-packed by excited spectators as reported by the local press.

Naim Cendera did Mirians proud by hosting it and allowing the public, most of whom were either potential house buyers or house owners to enjoy the first-rate show.

Stimulating beautiful choreography by Alaric Soh's specialists was apparent from the moment the stage dancers appeared with foot-tapping music and stage lights of many colors...

Two comments which I hope will be considered as positive:
1. The food in bags was quite tasty but too little to fill our empty stomachs. We were told there would be food and didn't expect there would be so little of it so we attended the show with no dinner at home.

2. There was no information about the prize that Miss Korea who was crowned Miss Permyjaya won...

Certainly, the show reminds us that liberal Sarawakians can really come together to enjoy great music and performances. What a long-awaited break for me, away from the talk of some of the maddening racist and chauvinistic lying deceitful politicians around us...

Thanks Alaric and Naim Cendera! Though I didn't win a single Lucky Draw prize, the show itself was worth it!

Here are 2 pics of the event. The charming gorgeous Miss Korea pic is borrowed from a fellow Miri Community net blogger. Do click them to enlarge.

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