Saturday, January 19, 2008

Banned Malaysian Rock Star!

Here's an interesting story coming out from Malaysia's best online news portal, Malaysiakini.

Rock singer banned after topless act
AFP | Jan 19, 08 1:12pm

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has banned a singer from taking part in live television concerts for three months after he went topless on air during a performance, a report said today.

Rock singer Faizal Tahir apologised on Tuesday for stripping off his shirt to reveal a bare chest with a bright red Superman logo painted on during a concert on local television station 8TV earlier this month.

MCMC also banned 8TV from broadcasting any live or delayed telecast concerts for the same period, according to the Star newspaper.

"The commission found the artist's act was intended without taking into account the sentiments and sensitivities of the viewers and public values," MCMC corporate communications director Muhamad Tahir Muhamad Noor said.

8TV branded Faizal Tahir's stunt "shocking", saying his actions were unacceptable in this conservative Muslim-majority nation.

Going topless, even for males, is a violation of local broadcasting standards, station officials told AFP.

8TV's chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar said he was stunned by Faizal's actions and the station would ban him from appearing on the channel for three months until it was certain he would adhere to its guidelines.


Uchu Keling said...

Good for him.. I have never like this fella! His English is terrible when he hosted the Gangstarz reality show.


Luke said...

I like him! He's so cool! Great talents wasted! No one should ban his right to express himself!

Uchu, don't be biased... His English is bad but he sings with all his feelings...frustrations and pain...

Luke said...

I was only half-kidding in what I said earlier.

Actually, I saw his show once and I have to agree that his English had lots of room for improvement... Other than that, I would be kinder on him by saying he blundered by doing what he did, particularly in these days of radicalism in religion. If it had been Indonesia, on the other hand, I am told he would be a star and not be in trouble at all.