Friday, January 11, 2008

'Hum Sup' Malaysian Humor

I confess that I have been quite ignorant of the sense of humor amongst Malaysians, especially those of the fairer sex. I didn't search for the light and find it ... the light in the guiding hand of a female found me!

Here's a saucy extract of a conversation between two Malaysian women. I'm not disclosing who wrote it or where it's found. I might do so if 50 votes are cast in favor of disclosure!

Before proceeding with the hilarious Malaysian original humor, I want to say that I'm not a sex
addict like Michael Douglas who went to Sex Addict Anonymous for help. I just believe sex is good clean fun that God has made for us as a gift to enjoy. I have seen how many persons of different faiths act as hypocrites in publicly condemning, assaulting or persecuting others on moral issues and yet in their private lives are worst in what they do during sex!

Here is the extract...

Two married women talking on MSN.

Woman #1 : i cook dinner jor. waiting lk come back. sked sked mah, must serve properly

Woman #2 : better feed nice nice and full full. if not eat at yilai’s place

Woman #1 : yalor yalor, i told my lk i want to ask the csl wife, what she cooks for him. 61 still going strong, iLike. That time I am 57 liao. LOL.

Woman #2 : wear see thru lingerie whilst serving hoh

Woman #1 : Yayaya, wear Y-shape, crotchless panties. Nay…like those paid posts we wrote? Somemore, hor, sek jor, do on dining table thimmmm.

Woman #2 : eat abalone

Woman #1 : and sausage

And hor, I think all these Wanita movements and their basket weaving, songket making, line dancing and other classes not applicable in this age already. They must go hire some of those Pattaya Tiger Show (since Rose Chan is dead) girls and conduct courses on opening cork. C O R K of the bottle lah! And teach what what eat lollipop and eat icecream skills lah. You say correct or not?

Wa mui lu ai mai nia…..Hahahahaha. Someone kill me already! But when you put two married women together, we have to bitch. Otherwise, how you think we make moolahs all day long and fook si lou kong all night long wor plus jaga anak-anak 24/7 and our dozens of blogs all year long?

Tiu lor, Yahoo labelled my site under pornography. Muahahahar….I am bad.

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