Thursday, January 3, 2008

Unsolved Malaysian Mystery 8

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One day, a popular mayor of a major city in Malaysia suddenly stepped down ... and the rumor mills were soon at work. Was it due to a political falling in with certain leaders in one of Sarawak's most powerful political party, the Chinese-based Sarawak United Peoples' Party or SUPP as well-known locally? Was it a problem with the Chief Minister? Had he been forced to quit by ambitious young 'turks' in the Chinese party itself? Was there something that a blackmailer could use? Was it something else? The rumors were hot everywhere!

He would be the second mayor to leave in a huff. The first council leader to step down abruptly, shocking many Mirians was Miri's highly popular then Miri Municipal Council Chairman, Dr. Yie Siew Kee.

As in a number of unsolved mysteries in this part of the world, reading tea leaves may be easier than solving them. For one reason, perhaps the main one, is that too many Sarawakians are happily digging their hands into the proverbial cookie jar... and the press seems to be in the hands of loyalists to the powers that be.

Song Swee Guan's next headlines grabbing incident was his shocking suicide attempt on the eve of the last state elections. It was baffling indeed and no one knows for sure if his story affected the outcome of that elections in which an empathetic Dominic Ng of Parti Keadilan and a number of other Opposition party DAP candidates were amazingly elected by Kuchingnites and Siburans.

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