Saturday, July 26, 2008

Horror Movie...

Here's a horror script fit for Hollywood. Before I tell the story, let me state clearly that the persons and location mentioned here will not be disclosed to protect their identities.

The house is a two-storey building with 3 comfortable bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet. It is almost fully furnished: a microwave oven, a fridge, a modern stove and an oven.

The family, comprising an unmarried young woman, her older male partner and her three children live in the upper part of the concrete building. The couple do not have a stable job and they spend most of the time at home sleeping soundly. Strangely, they do not sleep in the bedroom, apparently preferring to have their slumber on a mattress with their huge television in front of them. The television is NEVER switched off. The volume is always loud as well.

Another slightly smaller t.v. set is in one of the bedrooms and this set is used by the man to play the latest PlayStation game. One sole game is on the t.v. with the theme of success in life through law-breaking acts. Four-letter words like fuck could be heard a lot emitting from the screen. Someone says the game is called Auto-theft.

Some lights such as the kitchen and short hallway to the toilet are seldom switched off. Yet, either the toilet or bathroom interchangeably would now and then have no lights at all. There is no heating in the house so it is very cold. There is a fireplace though and sometimes they burn something-newspapers, brochures and magazines.

Night after night and day after day, the man and his kids would be either glued to their game screen playing the game or t.v. screen watching whatever movies. More often than not they would play the game like drug addicts, taking turns.

The kids, a boy of probably 9 or younger and the two girls of around 12, with the exception of one of the girls would also utter the 4-letter word a lot, sometimes screaming it loudly in the presence of their parents. At times they tearfully muttered fuck when their father, a huge short stocky man who used to play amateur rugby (He lied by saying he had played professional rugby before) whenever he spanked them hard for refusing to do the dishes. Their parents never stopped them from using such words.

Their parents would in fact swear and curse at each other whenever they had a fight. Their fights, which are becoming increasingly frequent could be heard throughout the whole house. Every single sentence spewing forth from their mouth would be colored by the 4-letter word. There would definitely be fights whenever the woman come back late from the bar in a highly intoxicated state, screaming, shouting and singing in the wee morning hours and she was the person attempting to throw her partner out of the house .

Sometimes the couple would have friends or relatives in the house and these visits would always end in drinking and cigarette sessions. Many, many bottles of alcohol, usually beer with the odd wine bottle would be on the table.

The family relied on hand-outs at times but they do have a fridge stocked with meat and little vegetables. Yet, the couple consume portions of the food they sometimes cooked more than the kids.

The kids in their skinny frames would forage for food in the fridge and make some simple sandwiches to eat. If someone resided with them they would simply take his or her food to eat. Whenever their parents discover some of their meat had been eaten, their kids would point the finger at the innocent resident. The resident would not know he had been accused as the culprit until much later when he or she wants to leave the house.

The man, without the knowkedge of the woman, would not hesitate to beat the departing resident, insisting his kids would not steal or lie.
Oh yes, something else horrible ... the family keeps a huge fierce black Labrador bitch. It has an untreated bad wide gush on its head. The cute dog gave birth to over 12 puppies and so the whole place has dog shit everywhere. It stinks to high heaven! The puppies are hungry and noisy.
Furthermore, the bitch has a special window with a short wooden walkway that lets her walk and jump onto a sofa in the living room every day. Frequently, she can be seen scratching her body with her one of her paws to get rid of fleas. Sometimes the bitch would sleep in one of the bedrooms on the bed with one of the children who may decide not to sleep in the living room.

Is it a dysfunctional family? Remember, this family could be one that is in Canada, Japan, Malaysia or wherever ... and I hope you do learn something from this story!!! One further comment: try and guess why the telly is never switched off...

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