Tuesday, October 28, 2008

O Canada!

1. Life at Camrose Lutheran College (Augustana University College);
2. Folks at the college;
3. Day & Night Activities at the cold freezing place;
4. Camrose City folks, town & business;
5. Anecdotes of a time in Paradise Lost including some memorable love stories...

1. Life at the University of Alberta;
2. As a foreign student, raising / sourcing funds in the basement for the U of A;
3. Tactics utilized in raising funds from around the world;
4. Teaching Vietnamese & other Asian immigrants English on campus;
5. True life confessions of some professors and students;
6. Last conversation with a friendly prominent U of A director days before his fatal accident;
7. Life as an Assistant Residence Co-ordinator on campus;
8. Human rights at the university;
9. Life in residences;
10. Journal of detailed breaches of rules and regulations at U of A's residences;

1 comment:

Zaharan Razak said...

Hi, I'm the guy from Kuala Terengganu on your live feed!

Lotsa interesting stuff here, my curiosity about its owner was piqued. I respect your choice to be anonymous although I take a dim view of anonymity-in-general over at my blog. Like, criminals prefer anonimity ... that sort of line of reasoning, so people with less sinister reasons should not be held guilty by association, right? Hehehe.