Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For Whom the Crow Cries...

On 6/12/08 whole family heard loud shrieks of many crows flying over the house while in the house around 2 pm; said loudly to them: "Someone distant to us but known to us has died."

While getting into my car, little kid unexpectedly asked, "What's in the jungle?"

I replied quickly to frighten him, "Ghosts!"

On 7/12/08 went straight to bookstore to purchase Chinese United Daily News & was shocked to see large & small pics of Simon Teo's corpse. The famous sports-master, a friend of mine (also my partner's ex-colleague in Sri Mawar Primary School), who was holding a position I once had in the secondary school close to the huge Chinese cemetery, was killed due to severe head injuries he received when he slipped on slippery muddy terrain and rolled down into a deep ravine at our city's Canada Hill.

On 14/12/08, heard loud shrieks of a crow flying over the house around 9:00 a.m., remarked to partner someone we knew was gone.
Checked papers in supermarket & library but found nothing the next day & the few other days.
Today, 17/12/08 while going through some old Chinese newspapers in the Public Library, suddenly came across the death notice of my ex-neighbor, schoolmate, classmate's sister and my partner's fellow church member, ex-roommate & close friend, sweet warm, bubbly, cheerful Chin Lee Ling... and she died of cancer on 14/12/08 leaving many of us unaware she had the fatal disease.... May she rest in peace....

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