Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poor Siti!

Life can be so unpredicable at times... Here's Siti Suleiha Abdullah in those happy days when she could happily make some bucks in teaching Yoga...but today she would definitely be out of business following the increasingly extremist views of some Islamists in Malaysia who interpret the Koran differently from their peers. Just click over it to enlarge & read!

At this time of sharing this Asiaweek news item which is dated 18/12/92, the Malaysian government has already obtained a fatwa-a religious decree from the Islamic authorities-to ban the practice of Yoga by Muslims and the ratification of this decree by a number of state Islamic authorities has been carried out.

One never ceases to be amazed with this changing eastern world.


dougie said...

siti may yet be able to join Malaya's growing sponsorship scheme for it's more polarised students.
following in the footsteps of that other most infamous 'student' body,
more commonely known in the West as.. 'taliban'.

oops.. females not wellcome

Baron von Feldspar said...

Thank you for this report on antiyogaism in Malaysia. I will link it to my blog.

Luke said...

Dougie... Just as the Afghan ladies are having a tough time getting educated, etc. with all the bigotry and harassment of the Taliban, Malaysian ladies are slowly but surely losing their God-given rights as fellow human beings on this planet.

Baron... I don't think this is the last we have heard from the extremist Islamist elements in government. If Malaysians are more disunited than ever, the religious fanatics should be blamed.

When we were young, we shared and had good times together but today, even food can be a problem in a multi-cultural gathering!