Thursday, February 26, 2009

We were Teachers

It wasn't too long ago-20 years ago to be exact-when there were four of us cool buddies having a good time in a sleepy hollow called Miri town....

There was Nicholas Bawin (far left), Mike Lo (next to him) and Ng Choon Onn (far right).

Nicholas is the present Man in Action or shall we say the man in hot action as he is so much up to his neck into politics. Here's a decent Iban who will be remembered by many of us teachers in St. Columba's Secondary School as the best "monkey-style" climber of coconut trees, graciously tossing coconuts down to the ground for the rest of us awe-struck nut- loving thirsty urban eaters.

Then other memories of this fella crab-hunting with us and having an encounter with a sting-ray... catching a trophy mouse at his teachers' quarters....

By the way, Ng Choon Onn is now a successful headmaster somewhere in Miri division... Sarawakians should never forget he helped trained the Columban, The Flying Dayak, Watson Nyambek up to first class standards.

Mike is a successful real estate agent.

Regrettably, we have not been constantly in touch as some of us old buddies are scattered in the far-flung outreaches of the planet as distant as Canada and New Zealand.

Oh yeah, there's this '60s style in our posture, don't you think?

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