Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Tale of Two Women

I am not the author of this somewhat brilliant piece of comparative observation of two women who stole the headlines when they died years ago.

I do tend to be empathetic towards Princess Diana after having read several biographies about her but the writing, nevertheless, that follows gives me cause to ponder about her life she chose... and I believe sharing it with everyone will make everyone wiser persons!

Remember, before you start that the Holy Bible's old testament exhorts everyone to seek God's guidance in life. Look at Exodus 33:13: "Teach me Your ways..."

The Tale of Two Women ... by Woody Thigpen

One wore a crown on Earth,
The other received her crown in Heaven.
One seemed insecure on Earth,
The other drew her security from Heaven.
One had much fame on Earth,
The other had the applause of Heaven.
One struggled to find happiness on Earth,
The other gave happiness to those nearest to Heaven.
One found she could not please all on Earth,
The other sought only to please her Father in Heaven.
One gave time to the needy on Earth,
The other gave her life to demonstrate the love of Heaven.
One chose the latest styles on Earth,
The other chose poverty for the sake of Heaven.
One had everything to give on Earth,
The other gave everything she had for Heaven.
One was photogenic on Earth,
The other was a picture made in Heaven.
One had a singer give tribute on Earth,
The other caused angels to sing in Heaven.
One had her work for charity recognized on Earth,
The other modeled for sisters of charity the work of Heaven.
One looked for her way on Earth,
The other found the Way of Heaven.
One attracted the limelight of Earth,
The other attracted many to the Light of Heaven.
One tried to take her life on Earth,
The other placed her life in the Hands of Heaven.
One was a mother of two on Earth,
The other, not a mother, gave birth to many in Heaven.
One was a candle blown by the wind of Earth,
The other was a torch ignited by the fire of Heaven.
One was the queen of hearts on Earth,
The other had the heart of the King in Heaven.
When you consider the one and the other,
Think not on things on Earth but on the things of Heaven.

Now here's the final part of this poem that we could further reflect on...

We must appreciate the depth of compassion which Mother Teresa's life evidenced and, when compared to any of us, humbles us with our fascination of material wealth. Someone once told Mother Teresa, "I wouldn't touch a leper for a thousand pounds". ... To which she replied, "Neither would I. But I would be willing to touch him for the love of God".

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