Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Dream

I dream of a nation that has a parliamentary democracy with a monarchy which is respected by its citizenry. It will be in the model of Great Britain's and Thailand's democratic system-royalty in pagentry above politics and non-interference in political affairs.

I dream of a nation with equality for all and no special rights for any race. If it is in the constitution, the unfair clause has to be removed. South Africa with its past apartheid policies eventually changed for the betterment of its citizens.

I dream of a nation that has a a non-corrupt government that does not misuse repulsive means of abusive tools of security acts to remove political dissent, criticisms and opposition. No one has to live in fear of sudden disappearance as in certain underdeveloped Third World South American dictatorships and Middle-east monarchies.

I dream of a legal system with courageous honorable courts of law that treats everyone equally under the law and observes the constitution and I dream of a nation that does not fear anyone in regard to religious matters. All people will have the God-given human right to choose and profess the religion they believe in without coercion or compulsion.

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