Saturday, May 23, 2009

Miri's Firecrackers Accident

Don't play with firecrackers! The consequences of not listening to good advice is this!

The poor Indon apparently set up the lengthy string of crackers
by dangling it from a small metal rod that was placed inside a bigger metal pipe.

When the carckers exploded, the pipe flew off and despite the distance he was standing from it, smashed his skull severely, cracking it open and scattering his brains everywhere.

This accident happened in Miri City during the Chinese New Year celebrations this year.

Playing with firecrackers is an offence of course and rightly so considering the accidents that do happen to youngsters... and no, this fella was not a youngster!

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ddougie said...

is, i prefer your often thinly veiled innuendos, & no your brutal sense of humour!
i'm definetly a wee bit squeamish today.. ughhh!