Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye, Music King! Goodbye, Angel!

Yeah, the world has lost one cool gifted musician... Mike, we love your music, will surely miss more of your brilliant contributions but we hate your scandals!

May you rest in peace, King of Pop!

Goodbye, Farrah! Mike was the king & you were the angelic golden princess!! May you also rest in peace as we remember you as 'Charlie's angel' and our fave pop star pin-up gal ...

May this day be forever remembered as special with the passing over of two great stars in our lives... So where were we when we heard the news? For me, I was in the newsroom and the big boss shocked me by telling me the news when I came in earlier than usual by FIVE hours... and last night I was looking at some ghastly autopsies performed on a Caucasian and an Asian in Thailand...!!!

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