Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Favorite Kiwi Boss

Dr. Brian J. Michell of Christchurch, New Zealand.... Five years under him was a tough but a highly beneficial learning experience.... from defensive Kiwi driving to Kiwi office management... This is why I'm less of an emotional Asian boss but more of a disciplined but kind Germanic-Kiwi-Canuck type of office administrator! This includes punctuality which can be understandably tough if one has small kids and a beauty-conscious wife!!!

Thanks, boss for making me more of a humanistic individual! Thank you as well for being such a good Samaratian before I left all of you...

Those years with the Fellowship and your family will always be treasured by me.

By the way, I'm also so glad to hear that good-natured Jonathan(high up on the slide) and lawyerly David(beneath him) are doing exceptionally well in New Zealand...

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