Saturday, August 8, 2009

Guess who this SOB is?

The following pics and extract is from Wikipedia ... with some personal added comments. Due to the busy nature of my work I have made limited comments which will appear in future without fear, as a citizen of the world. .

Reincarnated in Malaysia???

It's easy ... Listen, read everything and see him and others like him in action. Be the objective judge.

PAUL JOSEPH GOEBBELS, Adolf Hitler's Minister of Propaganda.

He acted as a loving family man with adorable children and a good wife. He appeared to be patriotic as in the picture inspiring the Nazi soldiers and given the chance to be a one-day chancellor threatened "total war"... and this evil orator spewed hatred everywhere making threat after threat on limiting the freedom of people ...

Here are some of the many cannily familiar historical background to many of today's holder of this and other powerful positions, of this master propagandist:

Goebbels earned a Ph.D. from Heidelberg University in 1921, writing his doctoral thesis on 18th-century romantic drama; he then went on to work as a journalist and later a bank clerk and caller on the stock exchange. He also wrote novels and plays, but they were refused by publishers. Goebbels came into contact with the Nazi Party in 1923 during the French occupation of the Ruhr and became a member in 1924. He was appointed Gauleiter (regional party leader) of Berlin. In this position, he put his propaganda skills to full use, combating the local socialist and communist parties with the help of Nazi papers and the paramilitary SA. By 1928, he had risen in the party ranks to become one of its most prominent members.

Goebbels rose to power in 1933 along with Hitler and the Nazi party, and he was appointed propaganda minister. One of his first acts was the burning of books rejected by the Nazis. He exerted totalitarian control over the media, arts, and information in Germany. In that position, he perfected an understanding of the "Big Lie" technique of propaganda, which is based on the principle that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses.


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