Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food, Glorious Sabahan Food!

If you're ever in Sabah--Kota Kinabalu, the capital city--to be exact, try some cheap delicious seafood delicacies! Well, if you're a thrifty person, buy and cook by yourself some of the exotic sea food such as these sea creatures I came across in the wet market at the crowded Filipino section of the city... From left to right: baby squids; baby oysters (Wow! They are huge!)

As for those who love a delicious bowl of cholesterol-free noodles, drop by my favorite corner shop coffehouse along Gaya Street. The food is abundantly delicious & the prices are pretty affordable. What you can savor is the char sau or char siew -- roasted meat -- that looks like pork but is actually roasted marinated chicken meat... Yummy! The noodle is mixed with an oily China-made sung chu sauce and some sweet vegetables are thrown in for just an appetizing early breakfast meal. Yeah, so you're gonna scoff that the food is rich in cholesterol ... Well, a wall sign assures you there's no pork in the shop!

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