Monday, September 13, 2010

More Delicious Cuisine

Here's my highly recommended food in Sabah: roasted chicken with rice, cooked the Vietnamese way! For RM6.00 there's quite a lot of crunchy crispy skin chicken. Other choices include Viet-styled spring rolls, steamed chicken, beef stew and others. The eatery is clean with plentiful tissues on rolls on the walls and food is served in a rather hygienic way and the tasteful furnishing itself is impressive at the food place. Peppermint is situated close to Gaya Street and a local Malaysian bank. Don't miss it if you're there ... & say "Hi!" to the friendly staff there! for me!

The chicken eatery is another reason I luv Kota Kinabalu city!

Warning: Seating is a constant problem so either go early or wait in a queue!

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