Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Haunting of West Edmonton Mall (2)

How cruel the world
where a weak soul is the hunter's prey
and the sick silenced the lambs
Never to face justice as the cases go cold ... and colder ...
Oh who am I you ask
Why must I haunt the hollow halls of WEM
when darkness falls
Why may I ask you, perhaps the self-righteous reader
who has and will judge me for what I was when I was amongst you in the land of the living ...
a mere existence, a lonely desolete free-spirited woman
cast in the world's stage as an ill-fortunate lady of the night
serving the wickedly sick pleasures of weak men ...
and yet these men lack the understanding, compassion and humanity to leave me alone to be free in what I do ...Show all

To be continued as the medium dozes off ...

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