Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I recall mentioning my encounters with cops in Australia. They were pleasant ones which impressed me by their professionalism and courtesy. Many security services of developing Third World countries could learnt a lot by observing them!

The first encounter was when our vehicle was pulled over by a Western Australian cop. An officer came up to where my co-driver was and politely asked him to take a breath - analyser test. He was given a long white plastic tube and told to blow into it. Then the tube was removed and given back to my co-driver! The officer checked the device & let us move on, after thanking my co-driver.

Our next "meeting" with a cop was a less pleasant one for my co-driver. Just as we were about to take off towards Sydney, a patrol car drove up to us in the opposite direction! Next thing we knew ... my unfortunate co-driver, the millionaire was slapped with a speeding ticket. Oh yes, the cop was cool and courteous enough to ask if he knew he was overspeeding first (to his credit, he admitted it) and then asked him to go to the patrol car. I stared at the mirror above me and saw the cop pass him a ticket! The funny thing was that my unfortunate "friend" had just confidently uttered that they were no cops around that early morning when he got caught and it ruined his day! I had to drive much more after that! One last comment about my friend's driving skills ... he ought to be a race driver and ... I would politely decline ever going on a long drive with him!

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